• YUI3 Undo Framework

    YUI3 Undo Framework allows adding undo/redo functionality to an application.
    It consists of two classes:

    • UndoManager
    • UndoableAction

    UndoManager manages a list of UndoableAction-s. In addition to standard undo/redo functionality, YUI3 Undo Framework supports asynchronous actions too. An asynchronous action must fire undoFinished event in order to notify that its undo/redo process has been finished.

  • YUI3 Accordion widget

    Accordion widget for YUI3 allows grouping items, containing arbitrary data inside. These items can be:

    • expanded
    • collapsed
    • closed
    • reordered by using drag and drop
    • set as always visible

    The height of the content inside each item can be set in three different ways:

    • auto - the browser will calculate content height
    • fixed - content height will be exactly X pixels
    • stretch - content height will be calculated, based on the height of the other items in the Accordion